The most popular online learning management system is the Moodle-based learning management system. It is an open source available on every e-learning platform and free to download. The Moodle-based learning management system has activated the interest of 68 million users from all across the globe from different organizations.

Moodle-based learning is a fun and user-friendly interface, so we understand the concept of gaining maximum utility from Moodle services. We offer a complete Moodle solution with customization services with our best e-Learning masters in the industry.

What makes our services better? We provide the most effective Moodle customization services, given below are some convincing points to prove that;

01. User-friendly approach.

The experts at Moodle solutions aim to provide a user-friendly approach with descriptive navigation features that is not just easy to use but minimizes the time investment in learning your employees how to use it.

02. Advanced accessibility.

With our comprehensive and customized Moodle-based design, your website content will adjust itself to different screen sizes within a few seconds. Whether people want to access your content on the move on their smartphones or want to make it interactive with their tablets, exactless entertainment is guaranteed with our customization services.

03. Proper track of records.

Proper tracking of report and assessment management will be taken care of with our learning management system that is flexible enough to provide automatic and manual marking for e-learning and provides seamless tracking of purchases, collection of revenues, and performance of the e-commerce business.

04. Quick integration.

The integration will be synonymous with the speed of our customizable Moodle-based learning management system. Fast workflow management, total compliance, customer relationship management, and payment gateway integration are just some factors you won't need to worry about.

05. Custom Plugins.

Our Moodle solutions are configurable, making them highly flexible and affordable. With the number of plugins developed by our team of experts, we will guarantee you a collaborative and engaging experience.

Numerous Moodle customization services offered by our experts are not just reliable but economical as well. Listed below are the services to expect.

  • Theme/report/block customization
  • Moodle enhancement and customization
  • Moodle development and integration
  • Page customization
  • Custom plugin
  • Plugins customization
  • Custom theme
  • Payment gateway integration, and many more.

Why choose Moodle Solution?

To provide you with a secured system with integration and flexibility that efficiently fits the needs of every educator, learner, and administrator, our team of experts has come together to develop personalized e-learning that is fun and enjoyable.

With a big family of trusted clients, we will take care of your satisfaction with full efforts to serve you with the best. Our committed team members believe in consistency and aim to offer exact solutions to your problems right on time.

If you need an update to your moodle version or want an online learning website right from scratch, Moodle customization is your only way.


Our Testimonials

Randy Shuttleworth

World Wide Learning Group, Canada

"We are an education company, developing & hosting e-learning courses for organizations. We use Moodle as our LMS. While we are great at authoring courses, we needed someone to handle the technical aspects of Moodle and our web server. We use Treesha info tech for all aspects of Moodle and configuring our database and servers. They are very knowledgeable, quick to respond and has a terrific attitude of customer service. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others."

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