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Moodle-based learning is overthrowing the entire e-learning platforms by offering easy accessibility and user-friendly approach towards better learning. With over 68 million users approaching e-learning from the perspective of Moodle. Here at Moodle Solutions we provide 3 types of Moodle migration services so that you stay up-to-date with the ever-changing technical upgrades without compromising your convenience.

1. Migration of Moodle from one version to another

Moodle releases the new versions every six months which needs to be upgraded routinely to prevent your Moodle-based website from encountering speed outages or bugs that may result in bad user experience. In addition to that, your and your user’s security of the confidential documents is of utmost importance which may get threatened with the use of the older versions of your Moodle website. Here at Moodle Solutions our team of committed professionals take care of your security issues and user experience by upgrading your website routinely as the new update releases. The developers focus on bug fixes to remove the annoying issues that might irritate your learners and could possibly push them away from learning.

2. Migration from to any other LMS to Moodle

Various technologies and approaches come under the umbrella of online learning with the same motive that is to make studying easy and fun. It reduces the cost as well as saves time and can be accessed by the users at any time of their convenience. With many LMS systems that aim to make e-learning effective, Moodle based platforms shine through due to faster technical approach and flexible content that is accessible to all devices, the expert developers at Moodle Solutions make it easy for you to switch from any other LMS to Moodle for better experience. Your security, credibility and ease of interactivity stays the same while your website switches its platform from any LMS to Moodle in no time.

3. Migration of Moodle from one server to another server.

Migration between one server to another seems quite a hefty task but not with our skilled and reliable developers at the Moodle Solutions. Where the developers need to move the entire Moodle root folders to the new server from the old for the modifications, your data in the meantime stays secure and confidential. Our professional team takes full responsibility and stands for the commitment by acting up to your exact expectations. Whether you want to switch from one server to another server or want to migrate to a multiple server environment, our qualified and experienced team will have you covered.

Our Testimonials

Randy Shuttleworth

World Wide Learning Group, Canada

"We are an education company, developing & hosting e-learning courses for organizations. We use Moodle as our LMS. While we are great at authoring courses, we needed someone to handle the technical aspects of Moodle and our web server. We use Treesha info tech for all aspects of Moodle and configuring our database and servers. They are very knowledgeable, quick to respond and has a terrific attitude of customer service. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others."

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